Greenkeeping Update 17/12/2019

Greenkeeping Update 17/12/2019

With major project work coming to a close, we will turn our attention to course conditioning.

There are still a few bits of finishing off to do regarding projects we have been working on, but most of our time will now be spent on smaller tasks.

Aeration to greens and aprons will be carried out this week and beyond, the same areas will recieve an application of iron sulphate and we will be both cutting and rolling the greens to improve playing performance.

On the 28th of December, we are hosting an ecology day. This will involve a look at the various areas of habitat on the course, Ian Kendall will be will us to give further insight into the various species that we are lucky enough to have on and around the course and we will also be putting up personalised bird boxes, making bug hotels and more.

At Hunley we have a great sense of responsibility and want to do our bit to help the environment. It would be great if many of you could join us, hear about what we are doing and also contribute with ideas of your own. This is open to all, so if you have friends and family that would be interested then please invite them along too, as we can’t have too much help when it comes to preserving the environment.

It looks set to be a interesting but also fun day for any ages. Please get in touch with ideas or questions if you wish to.

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