Greenkeeping Update 10/12/2019

Greenkeeping Update 10/12/2019

A week with little rain has helped significantly dry up the course and also was very timely with 1000 meters of turf arriving.

So far we have laid around 700 meters and this has already allowed us to make some significant improvements.

Snaith’s green surrounds have been smoothed out and will be able to be mown as approach. This will result in far higher quality turf in close proximity to the green and therefore give far more consistent performance for approach shots to the green.

Bunkers around Snaith’s green will also benefit from close mowing, again raising turf quality and playing performance. The whole project now gives our signature hole a real ‘WOW’ factor!

Snaith’s white tee has been levelled and returfed, so too has Brownies Bough yellow tee which has also been enlarged.

Pennington’s yellow tee has been returfed, replacing the turf that suffered badly during the drought of 2018 when it was first laid.

The back of Cottage Corner green has been smoothed out and returfed. This was quite a wet area and also didn’t allow for a quality cut because the land didn’t flow well. This will be much improved going forawrds.

Top quality turf is making a huge difference

Banks on the new green on Rawcliffe have been turfed where the seeded areas had failed to establish. This will now allow for the planned opening of the hole to go ahead early next year.

The final 300 meters will mostly be going onto Metcalfe’s Ace tees. The size of the yellow tee has proved insufficient so we will join together the white and yellow before returfing. This will give plenty of room for tee markers to be moved around during the playing season.

Metcalfe’s Ace tees are being made into 1 long tee

Finally any remaining turf will be used to patch up smaller areas around the course and we are delighted with the quality that this investment will bring to the course for next season.

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