Greenkeeping Update 12/11/2019

Greenkeeping Update 12/11/2019

Another wet week last week, but fortunately not as bad as previous weeks meaning the course was open for the most part.We’re very happy now that only severe weather results in course closures and even despite this, once we get a break then things improve quickly.

Because of this, we made a start on another drainage issue, this time on Redding’s fairway.After extreme rainfall this has always flooded so the team have installed a drainage trench to move the water into the pond more effectively.This week will see pipe, gravel and rootzone installed before turf is replaced.

While half the team worked on Redding’s, the rest of us started some tree and scrub clearance on the right side of Snaith’s. This involves removing non native, inappropriately planted trees, cutting back gorse and pruning any remaining trees that will remain.This work may seem quite severe, however it is the only way to effectively make the necessary changes for the better. Once work is completed the areas will begin to regenerate and will quickly create a much improved habitat for a wider range of species.

This week the weather looks slightly less wet so we’re hoping to take on the next stage of planned work to Snaith’s green surrounds. This involves revetting the right hand bunker and landscaping the area around it. 

Fingers crossed for a successful week and also a better week for golfing too!

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