Greenkeeping Update with Greg 07/11/16

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 07/11/16

Over the last week, we have been able to concentrate on winterising the course. This has involved mowing most areas of the course such as tees, fairways, semi-rough, aprons, greens and some long rough. As the winter sets in, the opportunity to carry out routine mowing will diminish so getting a cut on things now will keep the course in good condition going into the winter period.

Through the winter, the most important thing for us to think about is protecting the turf against wear and damage. As the grass stops growing and conditions can become muddy, the chance that irreparable damage can be caused to the turf is high. If this were to occur it will significantly reduce the playing quality of conditions come spring and the start of the new season.

On the tees we move onto winter mats and at Hunley we are lucky to have good quality tee mats to play from. We will be looking to move 1 or 2 mats to more usable positions in the near future.

Ropes are also used around greens to prevent buggies and trolleys from wearing away the turf in close proximity to the green. We move the ropes each week to allow the area that has seen traffic to recover before grass coverage is lost. This works extremely well so please respect the ropes if you are using either a buggy or a trolley and follow the direction of the rope towards the next hole.

Just a quick reminder for the course walks in less than a couple of weeks. Friday the 18th at 2pm and Saturday the 19th at 1pm there will be an opportunity to join myself and some of the greenstaff in a walk around the course looking at recent works completed. Please do join us if you are interested in knowing more or if you have questions you’d like to ask.



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