Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog July 2016

July is our busiest month of the year at Hunley with Captains Day and Club Championships sandwiched in amongst all the usual competitions, matches and social events. It is also my favourite month of the year as preparing the course for these events is very satisfying as well as seeing the course in its prime...READ MORE

Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog June 2016

The beginning of June continued to cause us difficulties with conditions more akin to autumn than mid summer. Mist and fog was the main problem causing issues with course closure and damp turf for long periods...READ MORE

Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog May 2016

After a miserable wet April, May has seen very little rain and we went from one extreme to another with the course becoming very dry and irrigation being required on the greens. This though is certainly more manageable and we’d always rather be applying water...READ MORE

Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog April 2016

After a wet winter, we are now heading into spring, but April certainly hasn’t seen a let up, with all kinds of weather being thrown at us. More heavy rain, mist and fog, hail, sleet, frost and even snow affecting us throughout the month with sometimes all of the above on the same day!...READ MORE

Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog March 2016

Another month passes in the blink of an eye and looking back over the past few weeks, a lot has been going on in the Greenkeeping department. I’ve attached another short film to the bottom of this article but first I will explain a little about what we’ve been doing...READ MORE

Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog February 2016

February has been another challenging month regarding the conditions, even though the weather has been a little kinder than in January. The latter half of the month did see some cold but settled weather though and this has seen all holes return to play...READ MORE

Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog January 2016

The new year started with almost 2 weeks of heavy rain without even a single dry day, making January this year wetter than any month we had experienced throughout the whole of 2015. Up to this point we had been very lucky avoiding the worst of the weather... READ MORE