Greenkeeping Update with Greg 13/3/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 13/3/17

Over the last week we have been busy trying to get the course into shape, although the weather has made it more difficult than we would have hoped. Wet conditions have slowed us down, from hand picking balls on the range to preventing us from mowing, the course isn’t quite where I would like.

However, we have begun mowing tees and fairways today and hopefully we shall complete these in a couple of days. Once we have done that we will continue to put reconstructed bunkers back into play and maybe even cut and collect some more rough.

We have been reshaping fairways making them much wider than previously and also taking them closer to the tee. All the fairways will be no more than approximately 100 yards from the tee allowing players of all abilities the chance to find the fairway.

Although the fairways are now going to be very large targets compared to other courses, it won’t necessarily mean the course will be much easier as a result. Rough will be managed off the fairways to penalise a poor shot, but will be light enough to locate your ball.

This is how the holes will play:

  • Fairways will be an average of 50 yards wide (35-45 is the USGA recommendation for club golf)
  • Semi-rough will be an 8 yard (approximate) band running next to the fairway.
  • ‘Golfing Rough’ will be represented by a 12 yard (approximate) band which will be managed to remain light and wispy.
  • Beyond these in play areas will be ‘Environmental Rough’ which will be managed for the benefit of wildlife. Hitting a shot into these areas will require a provisional ball to be played as retrieving a ball struck into these areas wonn’t be guaranteed.

This approach to course set-up is the next step in the evolution of Hunley and will set the tone for the future. In my next monthly blog, I will explain in more detail and will also host a course walk to help to demonstrate further.

Finally, we had another new starter this week, with Adam Winspear taking on a modern Apprenticeship with us. As a member here already Adam has the natural passion to see the course improve & help it to become one of the best facilities in the UK. With our help, I’m sure he will be a success and please wish him well if you see him on the course.


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