Updates with the Rules Guy 18/2/20

Updates with the Rules Guy 18/2/20

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Sprinkler Heads have  probably given rise to more wrong rulings than anything else, so it’s time to clear it up under the 2019 edition of the Rules.

As with last week Rule 16 Abnormal Course Conditions is the place to look and once again we have defined within our Local Rules that all Sprinkler Heads are immovable obstructions.

Rule 16.1a – When relief is allowed (A recap):

Interference by Abnormal Course Condition only exists when:

  • Your ball touches or is in or on an abnormal course condition.
  • The Abnormal Course Condition physically interferes with your area of intended stance, or area of swing, or
  • Only when on a putting green intervenes with your line of play.


Our Local Rules permit extra options for Free Relief if your ball lies in the general area and the Immovable Obstruction (Sprinkler Head) is On the Line of Play and:

  • Within two club lengths of the Putting Green, AND
  • Within two club lengths of the ball.

Again under this rule there is no relief if you chose a line of play that is clearly unreasonable and No Relief if you are in a bunker or Penalty Area.

Club Length is always the length of your longest club excluding your putter and head covers must be removed.

These are The Rules as they refer to Hunley, other clubs have fairway sprinklers and may have adopted different variations of the local rule so it’s always best to check the card.

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