Update with Luke 9/10/18

Update with Luke 9/10/18

Weekly competition update


Friday 12th October

Ladies 9 hole club
Entry fee: £1

Format: Decided on the day


Saturday 13th October

Cook Shield week 2

Format: 4BBB Medal
90% of full handicap

£1 for 2’s sweep and NTP

Draw to be done on Wednesday 17th at 6 O’clock. Name need to be down before then and cannot add in after unless as a marker for a team who has dropped out.


Sunday 14th October
Gents 3 Man Texas Scramble

Entry fee: £3

All players tee off, all players decide which drive they will take. Players then collect the other balls and play from the position of the drive the team have chosen. Repeat this process with each shot until the ball is in the hole. Do not stand directly behind a player when they are putting. Drop within 6 inches (roughly) in the rough and place the ball on the fairway.


Wednesday 17th October
Ladies Wednesday 18 Holes

Format: TBA
Entry fee: £1

Draw to be made on Monday 15th October


Thursday 18th October

Merit table

Entry Fee: £1


If you have any questions please let me know on [email protected]


Have a good week and play well!

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