Update with Luke 3/7/18

Update with Luke 3/7/18

Hybrids have become a huge part of the game, ousting clubs like 4 irons, 3 irons, 2 irons and 1 Irons. The reason many people have chosen hybrids over irons is they are more forgiving and easier to hit well. The bigger face of a hybrid allows a greater level of forgiveness for those shots that don’t come straight out of the middle of the club.

It is incredibly difficult to hit a long iron but a whole lot easier to hit the corresponding hybrid. The bigger club head allows the club to get through the grass better and also increases the distance players can hit the ball which ultimately is what everyone is looking for.

With the greater forgiveness comes improved trajectory. Hybrids go a lot higher than the corresponding iron, making this a lot easier to hold the ball on the green. The higher the ball comes into the green the more likely it is to stay on the green. This does minimise the amount of roll you get on the ball on those dry days.

There are plenty of different clubs to choose from, so here are a few possibilities and the reviews they have received (all reviews taken from todaysgolfer.co.uk):

Taylormade M4 Hybrid – 5 stars
The M4 is draw bias and they have incorporated a larger sweetspot and speed pocket to help the average golfer to get more distance out of their hybrid. This does come at a cost however,  as you will have to pay £199 to have this club in the bag.

Callaway Rogue Hybrid – 4 ½ Stars

Just like the Epic and Rogue drivers this hybrid features jailbreak technology. This is the first time Callaway have used the technology from their drivers into their Hybrids. A lighter club head and the new hyperspeed face makes this club huge when players are looking for distance. This comes at an even bigger price than the Taylormade M4, retailing at £229.

Ping G400 – 5 Stars

Like all the Ping G400 range they have undergone a complete makeover. The new black and gold colours make a very appealing golf club. Ping have changed the face to a steel face to give greater power, distance and feel when hitting the hybrids.  This does come at a heavy price tag as well, retailing at £200.

Callaway XR OS Hybrid – 5 Stars

Without doubt the surprise package in the hybrid reviews. This is the low cost budget hybrid designed by Callaway and has been receiving rave reviews for its performance. Extreme forgiveness makes it one of the easiest clubs to use out of all these clubs. The bigger, wider body allows greater surface area to hit, which TodaysGolfer reckon 80% of amateur golfers would benefit from using. This isn’t the only bonus of this club, at £149 it is considerably cheaper than its competitors.

As always we do price match ANY respected retailer so if you do want a club ordering then please let us know and we will sort it out for you.

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