Update with Luke 30/4/18

Update with Luke 30/4/18

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Underarmour are without doubt the most sought after brand and we are delighted that new stock for 2018 is pretty much all here now and we have some brilliant, bright new clothing and accessories. Underarmour clothing tends to be a little bit more expensive than other brands, but it’s easy to see why when you consider the technology that goes into the equipment… I will highlight some of these features below.

We have new UnderArmour Play off Polo’s in various colours as seen in the picture below:

Underarmour have developed technology in their shirt to combat some of the problems you deal with when playing golf, such as:

  • The material wicks sweat and allows it to dry quickly allowing you to feel comfortable in all weathers
  • Built in UV protection to prevent you from getting burnt 
  • These Polo shirts range from £35-£40 when you take off members discount

We also have some brilliant gilets to keep you warm on those chilly mornings during the summer. The Gilets also have lots of technology built in that makes Underarmour the must have brand, the technology is as follows:

  • Repels water to keep you dry from rain and sweat
  • Adapts to your activity level and keeps you cool if you get too hot
  • Lightweight and low profile to allow you to swing in comfort without being restricted.
  • These Gilets range £50 – £60

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