Update with Luke 19/6/18

Update with Luke 19/6/18

With all the talk now being about the Rogue driver by Callaway and all the speculation about whether it does actually improve distance, I thought I would have a look online to see some reviews to see if it really does justify the very hefty price tag of £450.

Callaway claimed the Big Bertha Epic was the best driver they have ever made, until the Rogue appeared on the market. The Big Bertha Epic featured the jailbreak system that has been carried over into the Rogue range. The Jailbreak system features 2 hourglass titanium rods that are fitted to the top and bottom of the clubs. This has allowed the impact load to be doubled allowing greater club head, ball speed and promote greater distances.

The part that Callaway have improved with the Rogue compared to the Epic is the forgiveness of the club. Callaway have made the clubhead longer and enhanced the shape of the head to give higher levels of forgiveness.

Callaway have also repositioned the weights in the club head to promote more draw spin and increase distance. As well as the standard Rogue driver, Callaway have brought out the sub zero for the players who need a lower spinning driver however this is designed for the lower handicap or even tour professionals as it is much less forgiving.

Boeing are also involved in the making of the Rogue developing the aerodynamics of the clubs to allow them to travel through the air with less drag causing less decrease in club head speed.

Having watched some videos online testing the Rogue against other drivers it does appear as though the Rogue does have phenomenal distances when compared to drivers such as the XR and it other competitors. However, when compared to the Epic it appears there is very little difference in the distance and dispersion of shots.
Therefore, my view of the Rogue and Epic range is they will definately increase distances compared to the drivers of old which could save you a few shots every round and make the game alot easier if you hitting alot further down the fairway. The only negative I can see is the price but if you get over that the gains could be huge.

If you do decide that you want any of the Callaway range of clubs then let us know and we will buy it in for you and price match any online price of a genuine retailer.

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