Update with Luke 19/3/18

Update with Luke 19/3/18

Rule changes

As you may remember, a few months ago I introduced you to the new golf rules that were set to come into play at the beginning of 2019. Since then there has been a major review into the rules with the R&A and USGA asking for as much feedback as possible.

There has been 4 major changes to the proposed rules, they are as follows:


The dropping procedure – The previous rules stated that players would no longer be required to drop the ball from shoulder height and that they could drop the ball at any height above 1 inch off the floor. However, this has subsequently changed and now players are required to drop the ball no lower than KNEE HEIGHT.

Taking Relief – The previous rule change was to allow golfers to take between 20 – 80 inches of relief however the old rule of one to two club lengths depending on the type of relief needed with remain in place.

Double Hit Shots – There will also be NO penalty for any shots that are accidently hit twice in the same movement. The golfer will simply count the shot as a single stroke and play the ball from where it comes to rest.

Out Of Bounds – This is possibly the biggest change of all, players will have the option to either play their ball from the tee or they can choose to play from where the ball crossed the hazard line. This is in a bid to improve the pace of play and will only be for club level and will not be used on the tour. The new rule will allow players to drop their ball where it crossed the hazard line at the expense of a 2 shot penalty instead of the 1 shot to replay the tee shot.


An example of this is: If I hit my tee shot into the driving range in line with the first bunker I then have 3 options.

First, and most sensible, if I am unsure if it definitely went in  the driving range I should hit a provisional ball.

Secondly, I can go back to the tee and play my 3rd shot in the hope of being able to hit the fairway and get into a good position.

Or finally, I can take a drop from the out of bounds stakes and play my 4th shot from here.


I Hope this makes sense
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