Update with Luke 17/7/18

Update with Luke 17/7/18

What are the benefits of the stand bags we offer? Which bag best suits your game?

Stand bags are much lighter and have less space as they are designed to be carried on your back for the full 18 holes. They are designed so that you keep heavy items to a minimum such as golf balls and flasks of hot drinks in the winter.
The new Callaway X Series Stand bags have a more padding so that you don’t feel the stains of carrying on your shoulders and your lower back. Stand bags usually come with 6 way dividers as they are meant to be used in the winter months and encourages players to carry fewer clubs. The 6 way dividers also give greater convenience when removing a club from your bag.
One common problem with carry bags is their inability to “sit” on the players golf trolley if they did decide they wanted to use one. Due to the deploy system on the bottom of the bag a stand bag tends to rotate and subsequently end up sideways on the trolley making it difficult to access all the pockets. We also have the brand new 2018 hyperlite bags in the shop, these bags are designed to carry the bare minimum golf equipment. They have 3 dividers and they have smaller pockets to carry a thin jacket, balls and tee’s.

The stand bags can also be a lot more convenient than a cart bag because you can take it closer to the green and the tee boxes. It is also a lot easier to fit into lockers and cars and can be taken out at last minute without having the hassle of attaching it to a trolley. Although, if you carry lots of golf balls, you need lots of clubs in the bag and you will be carrying lots of waterproof equipment then a stand bag may not be for you. Stand bags can also have more health benefits than using a cart bags such as increasing shoulder strength, burn more calories and increase endurance. Although, some may find that they struggle to carry the bag for great lengths of time due to aching and fatigue, especially in this heat wave we are currently having.

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