Update with Johnny 7/8/17

Update with Johnny 7/8/17

Reading the Greens

Good Evening!

This week I’m going to talk briefly about green reading.

There has always been the debate on whether to read putts from behind the hole or behind the ball. In my opinion, the correct answer is that it depends. Each putt is different and demands a different read. To put it simply:

If your putt is uphill, Read it from behind the ball.

If your putt is downhill, read it from behind the hole.  

Both of these methods mean you are reading the putt from the low side of the putt. Whilst being on the low side this helps to position your sight perpendicular to the slope when you kneel. This means you look into the slope, not down it.

Think about it this way, grab a book and try to read it while tilting the book away from your eyes. You should notice the words are blurry. You get the same perspective when reading putts from the high side of the hole.

Give it a go and lets see your green reading improve.

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