Update with Johnny 5/6/18

Update with Johnny 5/6/18

Hello Everyone, I trust you’ve had a good week on the course!

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about divots and how you can learn from them.

When you hit an iron shot off grass, you will leave clues as to what happened with your golf swing. Take a look before you replace the divot.

Before anything, have a look at the location of your divot. Your divot should be slightly in front of the ball. This promotes clean contact and better struck iron shots. If your divot is behind the ball, a possibility is you have slowed down through impact. In future, keep your hands moving through the swing.

Next thing to check is the width of your divot. It should be the same width as your clubface. If your divot is too narrow it means your clubface isn’t square at the time you contact the ball (impact). Make sure your body keeps rotating through the ball.

A divot that is fairly deep and pointing left of your intended target indicates a pulled shot or a slice to the right. Try and make sure the divot is pointing closer to the target.

A divot will not tell the full story to a golf shot, but it will definitely help when trying to figure out the cause of a bad shot.  

Any questions, let me know!


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