Update with Johnny 4/9/17

Update with Johnny 4/9/17

Hello Everyone, I trust you have had a good week on the Golf Course!

This week I am going to discuss some advantages of using the Driving Range.



At Hunley, the driving range is floodlit, offering you an opportunity to practice at night. Most golf courses are not lit, making access limited for people who work during the day. Availability during winter months is also an advantage in some areas. During the Winter, if you work 9-5, you’d normally find yourself restricted to weekend play only.



Lessons are available all year round. During the Winter when it’s dark, the Teaching Bay with SkyTrak Technology alongside several other teaching aids are all available.


The Driving Range is a cheaper alternative to playing. If you are serious about improving your game, spend your money improving your shots at the range. You will find the time spent extremely beneficial to your golf game.



The Driving Range allows greater flexibility for practicing. Most golf courses do not allow extensive practicing on the course. That makes it impossible for a golfer to practice hitting a driver 75 times in an hour vs two shots on a golf course. On a driving range, you can practice as much as you want with any club. (Although I do suggest using various clubs and aiming at different targets) Do not ball bash – it will not help in the long run.



Hunley’s Driving Range Offers:

  • A Floodlit Range
  • A Skytrak Launch Monitor when requested
  • Power-tee’s on most of our bays
  • Srixon Range Balls – widely regarded as the #1 Range Ball
  • Range Cards – meaning you can use the Range even when the Shop is closed
  • Targets – Several targets on the Range allow for optimal practise
  • Teaching Bay – Video Analysis available
  • Coffee Machine – £1.50 for a coffee on a cold evening? Worth it!

So get out there & get practising!

Even better, this week we are offering Double your Range Credit until Sunday! Put £50 on your card and you will receive £100!

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