Update with Johnny 26/2/18

Update with Johnny 26/2/18

This Week’s Top Tip


Weight Transfer:

Why is it important to transfer your weight through your golf swing?

Predominantly, in your golf swing there will be two weight shifts. One to the non-target side to load the weight onto the back foot and the other, transferring your weight onto the target side through impact. The second weight transfer is often forgotten about and is something that I witness members not doing regularly. Or they are transferring some weight, but not fully.

When you get to the top of your golf swing what should be the first body part that moves?

Your hips.

Many club golfers will start the downswing transition using their arms, which casts the golf club, often leading to the golf ball going right.



When you get to the top of your golf swing, pause, try and leave your arms where they are and turn your hips towards the target. You will see this automatically moves the arms and shallows the club. You want to stop that slice and add distance. In an ideal world, when your club impacts the ball you want your hips to be pointing at least 45 degrees to the right of your target. This will help with the initial weight transfer. When you finish your golf swing, the bottom of your trail foot should be visible to someone standing behind you.

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