Update with Johnny 20/11/17

Update with Johnny 20/11/17

Hi Everyone!

This week I’m going to give you some great advice for getting off the tee box more efficiently.

When you come across a short Par 4 (Snaiths), you are always inclined to swing harder and get as close to the green as you possibly can. This is fine if you are comfortable at those 30/50 yard shots… but chances are, you probably aren’t! Most amateurs perform better when they are completing a full swing, perhaps 100 yards for a full pitching wedge.

The trick on a hole like this is to leave yourself that full shot. The easiest way to do this is to look at the distance of the hole, and subtract your favourite yardage. This will tell you how far you have to hit your tee shot. Now commit to that yardage and make a solid swing.

This will help with a number of different things:

  • More consistent shot off the tee, finding more fairways.
  • Leaving a full swing should optimise distance control
  • If you have a ‘shot’ on the hole, do you really need to be hitting driver off the tee? Lay up and leave a full swing into the green.


I’m putting on a Winter Tips Group Playing Lesson on Tuesday 28th November at 11am till approximately 1pm.

We will be looking at the following:

  • How the course plays differently in Winter & how to adapt your game to these conditions.
  • Shot selection
  • Green Reading
  • Club Selection
  • Basically, how to save shots during a round!

ONLY 6 PLACES AVAILABLE… It will cost £20 a player. Please contact me on 01287 677444 or email [email protected] to Book.

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