Update with Johnny 2/10/17

Update with Johnny 2/10/17

Scramble Like Spieth

Do you struggle to save par when you miss a green, wasting the good shots to get there?

Do you hit a great drive, good second, just missed the green, but always come off with a 5 or 6…..

Do you struggle with knowing what shot you need to play or what club to play it with?


Here’s some things that I look at to help improve shots…


  • Chipping –

Set up is where I begin. Whether it’s a high soft lob shot or a low chip and run, the setup is the key and one set up for all shots keeps it easy to repeat.


  • Bunkers –

A different set-up, how much sand to take, how long your swing needs to be and where your body position needs to be. All of these affect the right shot you need to hit. I can help you with each of these areas so it’s easy to take in and execute


  • Putting –

A different set-up again, giving you the best chance to hit your best putting stroke. It’s not all straight back and straight through… that’s a myth! I can help you improve your stroke and the confidence to control line and most importantly distance!


  • Personal plan –

If you’d like individual help, why not improve with the Scramble like Spieth Package?


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