Update with Johnny 17/7/17

Update with Johnny 17/7/17

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great week!

This week I’m going to discuss putting, specifically how to stop pushing putts to the right.


  1. The Sternum is key

A lot of the time bad putting comes from bad posture. When you address your driver, your spine and sternum dictate how you move. With a 6 iron, you will be bent over the ball slightly more, but the sternum and spine will still dictate. Same idea goes for the putter. All the movement should be with the top half of your body. So make sure there is no movement in the lower half of your body.


  1. Create a pendulum

When bad posture occurs and you are too slumped over the ball at address, your turn is more likely to be flatter. This will make your hips turn too, creating too much unwanted movement. It’s very important that you bend from the hips to create correct spine angle. This will help create a pendulum.  


  1. Keep calm

At the end of the day, golf is only a game. Try and remain relaxed over these short putts. Too much tension will result in you losing feel over the putt, creating a jerky stroke.


  1. Coin Drill

Place a coin under the ball. Really focus on hitting putts and remain looking at where the coin is. This will help keep the head and body still and stop you looking up too soon.


Hope these tips help!




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