Update with Johnny 15/1/18

Update with Johnny 15/1/18

So many golfers hear that their putter head should chase the ball towards the hole. This thought is actually counter-productive when it comes to holing putts. 

With most golfers, they tend to open the face of the putter on the way back. This is turn should mean the face should close on the downswing. This is what we call an arc. 

If you follow the ball towards the hole, this can restrict the clubface, and in turn will leave the face open and impact meaning the ball misses to the right. This can also be caused by too tight grip pressure. Again, this will restrict the natural arc of the putter. This is one reason that Superstroke grips have become so popular. With the thicker grip it can help relieve Grip Pressure and allow the putter to flow more naturally.

There are few people who close the clubface and open it on the way through. I’m not saying this type of stroke can’t work. It just tends to be harder to repeat.

To summarise, don’t be afraid of your putter naturally closing through impact. This will create a better roll on the ball and help with those ‘blocky’ putts.

If you would like anymore in explained please send me an email or book a lesson via [email protected]

Have a great week and I will see you soon!


Girls Get Into Golf – FREE TASTER – 1 Space Left

After fantastic success with my first 2 Get Into Golf Courses I’ve decided to start a new group in February this year!

So if you know anyone looking to get in golf or simply looking for a new challenge, please let them know!

The Taster Session will take place on Tuesday 6th February 7-8pm & the Beginners Course will continue at the same time from the following Tuesday (13th)


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