Update with Johnny 14/5/18

Update with Johnny 14/5/18

Hey Everyone!

This week I’m going to discuss how to cure a slice, the most common shot in amateur golf.

Some people hit the shot every so often, some hit it all the time. Whatever the case, a slice is caused when the clubface is open to the path of the swing at impact.

The most common move that typically leaves the face open is when the back shoulder lurches towards the ball at the top of the downswing. (Usually when you try and hit it hard!) By the shoulder moving out it pushes the club onto an ‘out to in’ path and this is where the clubface will usually be open to the path. FORE RIGHT!

To change this movement I am going to give you some tips:

1. The first thing you need to do is close your feet, hips and shoulders to the target.

2. Next move is to swing the club slightly on the inside as you complete your shoulder turn. Start the downswing by shifting your lower body towards the target, making sure the right shoulder moves back and in.

3. Finally, swing your arms and the club out and through the ball, letting your left elbow fold down and the upper part of your left arm stay close to your side. Your right arm will release over your left, squaring the face. It’s the quickest way to fix a slice.

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