Update with Johnny 13/11/17

Update with Johnny 13/11/17

Fastest Hole in Golf Challenge

Do you think you can get together a team of four that can beat Hunley’s Fastest Hole in Golf?! (41.36 seconds) We are looking at organising a Members Fastest Hole in Golf Day, with Teams of four playing ‘Jaws’ to see if you can beat the pro Shop Team! Great prizes to be Won of course!

I’m open to suggestions on what we could do on the day. It could be a BBQ, beer etc. If you think this is a day you would be interested in please let me know. Check Out our attempt in the video below!

You may have seen the recent video of a few English Golfers from the European Tour setting a new World Record for the Fastest Hole Ever Played! Check out the video here…

How to Make the Most Out the the Driving Range

I see so many people buying 100 balls and just aimlessly hitting driver after driver down the range, not looking or caring where the ball actually goes… but you’re going to struggle to improve this way!

I believe the best ways to practise include the following elements:

  • A Goal to achieve from the Practise Session i.e. working on the backswing
  • Feedback – Did the ball go where you attended? If not, where did it go.
  • Targets – Aim at something. The range at Hunley has plenty of targets to aim at. This will give you feedback on your misses and help work on alignment which is important on the Golf Course.
  • Variation – Mix up club selection and Target – If not, you will be getting into a rhythm and this is not a representation of how you play on the Golf Course. Hit a different club each shot and move your target around.

These points will help you get more out of your practise and help with producing better swings that will hold up better on the Golf Course… and this is the perfect time of year to be doing it!


Have a great week!

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