Update with Johnny 12/2/18

Update with Johnny 12/2/18

How to Help Your Little Golfers become Better Golfers


  • Find a Golf Coach – Find an instructor who is qualified, is known for being great with kids. Usually the best junior coaches are the biggest kid in the group! And as a parent, give your child space to build a friendship with the instructor. This can have long lasting benefits.


  • Group instruction works great – Golf is a social game, in group sessions children can build friendships with each-other. They can have fun, a laugh and learn golf without realising. I see it every Saturday at Junior Coaching!


  • Younger kids need different patterns to learn. It can’t be instruction after instruction. Children will lose interest. I like to try different things to keep them interested, such as long drive contests etc.


  • Dont worry too much about the smaller details – I see so many parents get stressed about children not doing something 100% correct. Trust me, its fine! As long as your child is having fun and picking good habits up here and there that is perfect at a young age.


  • Get on the Golf Course – Most of you know I’m passionate on this topic. I have always said you learn to swing the club on the range, and learn to play golf on the course. Your child is also likely to get bored if they are always on the range. I try to vary where I teach. Obviously the weather dictates where we can & can’t go some weeks, but I try my best to get the kids outdoors!


  • Let your child have their say – Remember not all juniors want to be professional golfers, some like it to get outdoors, some like to spend time with their friends etc. If they want to compete they will let you know. Pushing them too hard can put them off golf all together!


  • Enjoy the beautiful game together – Play golf with your child, 9 holes in the evening, watch the golf on TV, go to a live event. Enjoy hitting some good shots and don’t worry about the bad shots. Laugh and enjoy family time on the golf course.


Just a reminder I am running a free taster Session this Sunday (18.02.18) for ages 5 – 16. If you have a child/grandchild interested in learning, please send me an email. I only have a few spaces left available. Have a great week and I will see you soon!


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