Update with Johnny 10.07.17

Update with Johnny 10.07.17

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve had a great week. This week I am going to talk a little about how you should practise to get the most out of your golf game.


Productive Practise:

Before you read below, have a think about how you practise on the driving range. Do you stand there and hit 100 balls with your driver aimlessly as quick as you can? Or 50 7 irons and 50 drivers? If this is what you are doing, you’ll find it difficult to improve.

Golf is a game played with 14 clubs in the bag & it’s very important to utilise all of these when playing and practising.

I’m going to give you some top tips and explain why they helped me improve my own game.


Driving Range:

Whilst on the driving range, I never hit the same shot twice in a row. You’ve probably heard of ‘playing the course’ on the range. When I practise, I hit every shot like I would on the course.

I’ll start with picking a club, e.g. a 9 iron. Then I’ll pick my target, decide what shot I want to hit, followed by a practice swing.  This is what I would do on the Golf Course, so I want to replicate this whilst practising. After that, I hit my shot. The next part is key, but far too few golfers do it. I will critique my shot. Did it go to the target? If not where did I miss? All of these things are very important to improve. If you don’t evaluate each shot you will never see trends in where the ball is going. By doing this, you are able to adjust and correct yourself before the Golf Course.

Once I’m happy with the shot, I will change my club e.g. 3 wood. I will now change my target and repeat this process for around 60-80 balls.

Doing this correctly will massively improve your productivity on the range. Hopefully leading to better scores!

See you around the Golf Club


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