Update with Luke 8/5/17

Update with Luke 8/5/17

Could you save 3-4 shots PER round?  Lampkin and Golf Pride certainly think so, just by paying more attention to the grip you use.

Undersize, Standard, Midsize and Oversize. Each one can cause problems in your golf swing, chose a grip which is too small and you may hit the ball to the left. Choose a grip which is too thick and you may find you lose distance and hit with a slice. If you’re wondering what size grip is best for you, websites such as Lampkin, Golf Pride and Ping offer Interactive grip Selectors online.

You must also consider the feel of the grip, would you prefer a firm grip like the Tour Pro’s or a soft comfort grip. Firm grips are good for players who have a high swing speed. However, a firm grip promotes light grip pressure, something that most amateurs could benefit from to allow them to hinge the club correctly.

Examples of Firm Grips are: Lampkin Crossline

Comfort grips are much softer and are ideal for the golfers who have lower swing speeds and minimised hand strength. Although many amateurs will favour this type of grip, they do tend to grip the club too tight in order to feel in control of the club.

Examples of the Comfort Grips are: Lampkin ACE, Lampkin I-Line


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