Update with Luke 3/7/17

Update with Luke 3/7/17

Many people overlook the impact of having good golf shoes. All good coaches will tell you that the golf swing starts from the ground up, just ask Johnny.

Your feet are the only point of contact with the ground throughout your swing. You get a lot of power, balance and speed from the way your body resists against the ground, meaning it is essential to wear good golf shoes.

The ever increasing range of golf shoes makes choosing the ideal pair for you very difficult. Some golf shoes are very stable and keep you from moving much, others provide more comfort and mobility and some are very light and are more like a trainer.

Spikeless shoes without the cleats in the bottom accounted for less than 10% of all golf shoe sales 3 years ago. However, they now are expected to account for well over a third. Spikeless shoes are a great idea if there has been no rain and the ground is firm or you live in hot countries as they give the perfect balance of comfort and grip. Although, they provide very little grip if the weather is wet or there is dew on the grass. Therefore, I would recommend that you buy a pair of spikeless shoes for the summer and a pair of cleat shoes for the winter to give you that extra bit of assurance that you will not slip. Summer spikeless shoes also come in a wider range of colours, this is most probably to suit the weather they are most often used in. Cleated shoes can often be seen as big and bulky and players can find them hot to wear when the sun shines. They do prevent your feet getting wet and they keep your feet warmer than that of the spikeless ones. They also provide superb grip in the wet and allow you to forget about the possibility of slipping when you are on your downswing.

Given that your interaction with the ground is so important, it is recommended that you get your shoes fitted just as you would any club in your bag. Allowing you to get the right blend of control, power and comfort. Some local places (such as Teesside University) use pressure mapping to see where the percentage of weight distribution is in your feet, giving you the opportunity to have your shoes specifically made.

Golf shoes don’t need to be very expensive, you can get some very good shoes in all different styles, brands and prices.

We have Stuburt Shoes in stock that provide a cheaper alternative whilst also providing the comfort and stability needed in all weathers. Our Stuburt summer shoes are priced between £40 and £60 with the winter range being priced at between £54 and £90. Giving you a wide range of choice depending on your preference.

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