Update with Luke 22/5/17

Update with Luke 22/5/17

Which Golf ball is right for you?

99% of the time you will chose between a Urethane and a Lonomer golf ball, but what are they?

Urethane golf balls reform and reshape better under heat than a Lonomer golf ball. They are tough and hard, but this allows them to be crafted for a softer feel around the greens.

Urethane covered golf balls are Titleist Pro V1 and Nike RZN Black, available at around £42 per Dozen balls.

Lonomer Golf balls don’t maintain their strength when they are shaped and are subsequently less durable. These golf balls tend to be a little firmer but still offer some softness for around the green. Lonomer Golf balls are Bridgestone e6 and the well known Srixon AD333, which are available at £18.

Golf Digest found there was a 6 yard difference off the tee between the Lonomer and Urethane balls. Truth is, at amateur level there isn’t a great deal of difference, it’s more personal preference and how much you are willing to spend on 12 Golf Balls. Some players prefer the firmer ball and some prefer the all round feel of the expensive Urethane ball.

Golf Monthly and Today’s Golf gave a rating to all the golf balls of 2016/2017:

Titiest Pro V1                  = 4 ½ Star Rating

Bridgestone Tour B330 = 4 ½ Star Rating

Callaway SuperSoft        = 4 ½ Star Rating

Titeist DTTrusoft            = 4 Star Rating

Bridgestone e6               = 4 Star Rating

Callaway Chrome Soft   = 4 Star Rating

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