Update with Luke 19/6/17

Update with Luke 19/6/17

Picking the right wedges for you…

Callaway Golf have designed a club fitting online to allow golfers to get an idea of the wedges that are ideal for them, without having to attend an official club fitting.

Simply follow the instructions on their website, filling in information such as handicap, preferred loft and weather conditions.

One question many people may struggle with is the “bounce” of the wedge. To keep it simple “bounce” is the bottom, thickness of the club head and it’s the part of the club that gets under the ball to lift it into the air.

Golfers who have a sharp angle attack should use wedges with “Low Bounce”, this is anything from 0-10 degrees. Low bounce allows players to get a lot of back spin, however, these people are in the minority so as a rule most golfers should look to buy wedges with between 10-16 degrees of bounce which is also referred to as standard bounce.

High Bounce is good for players who struggle to get the club under the ball, as well as being very good in sand as they do not tend to dig into the ground and slow the club head speed.

If you would like to find out which wedges are best for your swing then come and get a club fitting with us and we can advise you using skytrak.


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