Update with Johnny 12/6/17

Update with Johnny 12/6/17

Hi Everyone,

Hope you didn’t miss me too much last week while I was in Ireland!



Weight Transfer:

Today I’m going to talk through the importance of transferring your weight through your golf swing.

Predominantly, in your golf swing there will be two weight shifts. One to the non-target side, to load the weight onto the back foot and the other, transferring your weight onto the target side through impact. The second shift is one that is often forgotten about and is something I see happening regularly. Many of you are not transferring your weight fully & so are leaving added yardage by not shifting your weight through the ball.


To ensure you are transferring your weight through the ball, make a conscious thought to make sure your studs on your right foot are visible when you hold your follow through. This will help to ensure that all your weight is transferring though. Please look at the picture below for an example:



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