Update from Elliot (CEO) 28/11/16

Update from Elliot (CEO) 28/11/16

Management Re-Structure

Further to the Management Re-structure Email a few weeks ago, the role of General Manager is still open and it will no doubt take a few more months to fill the vacancy with the right calibre individual given the time it takes to collate applications, shortlist, interview and wait for notice periods. “One Team, One Dream” is part of our Purpose & the successful candidate will get ‘Hunley’ completely and buy into our philosophy, so these are very positive moves that should only improve the club.

With a busy December coming up and to cover the role in the short-term, Richard Weeks is going to be stepped up to the role of Interim GM until the recruitment process of a new GM is complete.

To ensure that Golf continues to flourish at Hunley and given Richard’s additional responsibilities, Alex Fleming is going to be stepped up to the role of Interim Golf Manager, responsible for membership, coaching and retail.

I hope you’ll all give Richard and Alex your support as they will certainly be supporting you.

Have a great week.

Elliot (CEO)


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