Sustainability With Lucy December 2021

Sustainability With Lucy December 2021

After completing my six months as Environmental Officer at Hunley, I’m satisfied with the work I’ve done. 

During my time here, I’ve built bird boxes, planned and designed signage to place around the golf course, helped plan the new pond/wetland area by plotting the dig sites according to the pond’s design, and planted wildflowers on the banks.

I’ve researched many of the indigenous plants onsite as well as made lists of the numerous species of birds, animals and creatures that we have on the course.

I’ve then communicated some of these via social media and built a small following on Instagram and Twitter.

I’ve connected with various like minded groups and applied for trees to be donated to the golf club which should be due anytime.

Even though some of my efforts haven’t reached completion, I’ve set the ball rolling by leaving my research and notes with the team and it’s not out of the question that improvements may still be made with my input, even after my time working here! 

I have made many notes on constructing bug hotels, hedgehog homes, and bat boxes and recorded ideas for Greg and the team to act upon in the future.

We’ve also been researching ways to reduce waste from the facility and it’s great to think that it might be possible for the club to achieve zero waste to landfill in the near future!

I have carried out testing on the course with water in the ponds and streams showing no pollutants. This wasn’t a suprise due to the lack of products applied to the course by our team, but we wanted to be sure that anything from the bordering fields weren’t getting into the water courses either.

I was also very proud to be involved in the work the club has been doing which resulted in becoming GEO Certified, a fantastic achievement that very few have accomplished!

Working here has given me a great variety of tasks to do, from researching to physically making things for the course. I’ve also grown confidence from contacting and making connections with like-minded people online or locally to improve sustainability on the golf course.

I feel much more self motivated now and know I have a lot to offer and look forward to future opportunities.

I’m going to miss working at Hunley and like to think I’ve made new friends, so I’ll be sure to come in now and then for a cup of coffee and catch up, so I look forward to seeing you all again!

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    Ian Walker

    The course improvements are fantastic and the free keeping team should be very proud of their achievements. If I may offer a couple of suggestions that I believe would be helpful to both members and visitors.
    Would it be possible to have a bell to ring on Walkers gulley as it is difficult to know if the green is clear before playing an approach shot?
    Also many visitors seem to find navigation of the course difficult is it possible to improve signage to point players to the next tee particularly the clubhouse side of the bridge?

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