Highlight of the Week

Highlight of the Week

Hunley’s Weekly Highlight

Every week, Hunley will now have a Weekly Highlight that we think you should know about!

With the success Johnny & Luke have had with the Saturday Junior Coaching Sessions by filling all places from 10am to 1pm & then adding a further 9am to 10am group, we found that there is a huge demand for kids to come to Hunley and enjoy golf! Therefore, yesterday we saw 30+ NEW kids attend a taster day to replicate the Saturday success but on a Sunday!

With a large number of kids from Saturday Coaching improving & developing their skills, playing on the course and moving towards gaining a handicap, Johnny and Luke have now put together the next phase of getting new young beginners into golf.

Personally, I think it’s amazing to see the Juniors at the club developing week in week out and I think it’s important to give Johnny credit for his ambition to grow the junior section at Hunley.

Well done lads

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