Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog November 2020

Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog November 2020

With only a few days of golf played in November due to lockdown, it certainly wasn’t the month we would have wished for. However, the Greenkeeping department have tried to make the best of the situation. Some of the team had to go on part furlough during the lockdown due to the inevitable reduction of income and combined with quite a bit of wet weather, our progress has been understandably slower as a result.

That said we’ve mostly still achieved the goals we set and as golf returns things feel a little more positive again.

Covid Restrictions 

First a reminder that there are still restrictions in place on the course in order to keep the risk of transmission as low as possible.

Flag sticks are not to be removed and holes have been cut shallow to allow for easy retrieval of a ball once holed.

There are no rakes in any of the bunkers still, but please do smooth over after play as best you can. We’ve found that using your foot is the most effective and easiest way to do so.

We do have bins out again as they have open tops, but it would be preferred that you take your rubbish home with you. Please don’t disgard any litter on the course though.

Ropes protecting greens complexes have been designated as immovable obstructions, which is also the case for hazard marker stakes and distance posts. Please do not touch these as you can take relief without penalty under rule 16.1.

Finally as social distancing is the most effective way to avoid transmission of the virus, please be always mindful of this while enjoying your game and follow all the rules set by the club for your safety.

Winter Program Latest

With the course closed, we have been able to focus all our time on a couple of projects.

We have lifted the remaining half of the Green at Rawcliffe, adjusting the contours before relaying the turf, which has now completed the work we planned here. It will take time for the green to settle down and become as smooth as the other greens though, so please be patient. Rolling and top dressing will be ongoing for the next few weeks and months until smoothness and trueness targets are met.

The other sizeable project has been to install 500 meters of drainage on 2 areas of Warsett fairway. The 2 sections of the fairway have always been a problem during the winter and the new drainage should significantly improve ground conditions. With quite a bit of wet weather, our progress has been slightly hampered and as a result there is still a little work to do. Drainage pipe has been installed as has gravel backfill, but there is still a section to top off with sand before turf is laid to complete the job.

Play Returns

It’s great to be able to open for play again and I’m pleased to say that the course is holding up well so far after a difficult start to winter. Playing surfaces are good and in particular the greens, which are performing really well and in good health despite plenty of disease activity. The mild weather has been ideal for disease and although we have seen several active fungal diseases in November, there has been no significant damage.

We have also been able to spend time on the greens repairing the many pitch marks and you will find them very smooth now after a rest. Please ensure you spend the few seconds it takes to repair the mark left by your ball when playing the course.


Although the course is back open and we will be focused on keeping the courses and the driving range maintained, we will also be continuing with planned winter projects.
Drainage on Warsett will be to complete and we hope to add a small drain around Wetlands green where there are 2 small wet areas that take a while to dry out after rainfall.
Fox Covert tee is to be levelled up and prepared for turf which will complete the large project started between there and Morgan’s Mound green a few weeks ago.
A few astro turf paths have already been installed this autumn and have had the desired effect. In December we hope to add another 1 or 2 if possible.
That’s it for this month but looking forward to seeing you all and above all, happy golfing!!

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  1. Avatar
    Gary Westwood

    Just wanted to say you and your team are doing a great job ๐Ÿ‘
    Its easy to criticise but not enough people praise where praise is due!

  2. Avatar
    Dave Pearson

    The team are doing a great job under very difficult circumstances. Played this morning and the greens were fantastic although there’s still the old problem of members not repairing pitch marks. Keep up the good work, definitely looking forward to playing on the course next summer when the changes have fully bedded in.

  3. Avatar
    Andy Heagney

    I would like to commend yourself and the fellow green keepers on your efforts this year despite all the uncertainty in these strange times. The course takes a lot of time and attention and itโ€™s obvious you guys truly work hard at it. Keep it up!

  4. Avatar
    Colin Hart

    Played Thursday morning and the greens were running very well. Only two days in and some divots not replaced. Course looking and playing very well.

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