Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog December 2016

Greg’s Greenkeeping Blog December 2016


2016 has come to an end and we now head into the new year with lots to look forward to. The year started very wet and although things dried up quickly the temperatures remained well below average for the first 6 months. This saw conditions frequently bringing mist and fog and whilst the course was in prime condition, we lost quite a few days through course closure due to a lack of visibility.

The second half of the year was much better and it has been great to see all of you enjoying the various events held at Hunley and providing excellent feedback as a result.
I hope that we can make 2017 even better and we aim to build upon the standards set in 2016.
The following pictures are of recent work carried out in December, but also with a look back upon 2016.
20161230_094058               20161025_093115
The short game area has been completed and will be opened in March. Greens have been deep tined and treated with Nitrogen, Potassium & Iron.
mist               juneblog
Fog was a consistent problem at the start of the year but despite this, the course remained in good condition throughout the year. 
IMG_3127               img_3773-1
 Rough management has become an integral part of our work and we have carried out lots of construction work, particularly regarding the bunkers.


The new year will see us continue our focus on the bunkers. We’re still a way off refurbishing all the bunkers, but by the start of the new season, there will be a noticeable difference in their appearance and their day to day condition. As mentioned in previous blogs, the bunkers are being altered to be more in keeping with the style of our course, with a mixture of rugged, natural type bunkers bordering the fairways and a more typical seaside style, pot bunker by the greens.


We will also begin work on improving the paths on the course, which is another large project that will take some time to complete. We will however, be making a concerted effort in this area over the coming months.
Finally we hope to have a new addition to our team too, for which we have some excellent candidates for the Greenkeeping role. There will be an announcement made once we have reached a decision, following interviews to be held in January.
We wish everyone well for the new year and we are excited by the challenge ahead, looking forward to offering excellent playing conditions for all to enjoy!

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