Greenkeeping Update with Greg 27/11/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 27/11/2017

Last week started off badly and then got steadily worse. We had begun work on the bunkers on Morgan’s Mound in reasonable conditions, but in the end the weather defeated us and work had to ground to a halt.

However, the weekend has been drier and this has allowed us to complete the 2 bunkers off today. Because of this work we have put a temporary green in play, just to keep play away from the heavily trafficked area to the left of the green. This will be the case for a few days while the area has chance to recover, we do apologise for this, as obviously it’s not ideal.

Despite the course being much drier today, the forecast for the week is very poor so we are going to change our focus onto work that is less likely to be affected by wet weather.

This will see us cutting back areas of overgrown gorse and we will also be sharpening the fairway cutting units once new blades arrive.

As poor weather has been the theme lately, please take a look at the short video below, which explains a little bit about how we look to limit damage caused during the winter months.

Have a good week and please get in touch with any queries.



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