Greenkeeping Update With Greg 27/3/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 27/3/18


A better week than we’ve had for sometime has at least allowed us to get the course open. Conditions are far from ideal though and we still have plenty of work to do. With more wet weather forecast this week it’s likely to remain slow going for us.

We’ve almost finished the winter projects with just a small amount of turfing left to do on Davy’s and Morgan’s Mound. The first tee area is complete except for the pathway. We recently came across the chance to get hold of some astro turf which will be delivered in the next couple of weeks. It is now our plan to use this on the path which will hopefully mean that it will be much safer to negotiate the steeper beginning. If this is the case, our original plan for steps will not be necessary although we’ll wait and see on that front.

Greens and tees were cut last week with the tees also receiving an application of fertiliser. Fairways, semi and long rough have still been too wet but we will make a start with these this week and hope the weather doesn’t prevent our progress too much.

We take delivery of both bunker sand and top dressing this week too, with our intention to top up bunkers and top dress greens just as soon as we can.

On top of that it appears there are a couple of drainage problems that have cropped up as a result of the extreme recent weather. Its likely that these issues are a result of collapsed old clay pot land drains, where water that would normally flow underground has now began to flow at the surface due to a blockage. We will have to explore both of these and remedy the issue at some point, but hopefully as the course drys up the problems may be less severe as they are currently.

At the moment we’re not setting any targets but will just continue as best we can and at some point we hope to be up to date. Once we are things should become a little easier and the condition of the course should then start to improve.



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