Greenkeeping Update With Greg 20/11/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 20/11/18

Although we’ve had some rather pleasant weather so far this winter, a turn in wind direction has reminded us of the time of year some brutal conditions hitting us this week. Despite this, it’s hard to be unhappy with the condition of the the course for the end of November.

Plenty of work has been carried out over the last week on the course too and if we can get a decent run through the winter, then significant progress can be made towards our aspirations for the course.

Firstly, contractors completed deep spiking to all of our fairways. This is an extremely beneficial process as it helps improve turf quality in several ways.

  • It opens up the surface to aid drainage
  • It breaks up the soil creating cracks and gaps which further aids drainage but more importantly allows gaps for improved rooting of the turf
  • Better drainage and rooting will result in improved turf quality and also playing performance

Bunker work has continued with the completion of the final bunker on Pennington’s. As well as revetting the bunker the surrounds of the green were also smoothed out and returfed with finer grass species, removing poor quality species of Ryegrass and Annual Meadow grass. Gavin below is giving it the thumbs up anyway!!


In the same way that Brownies Bough had been altered, this will allow for closer mowing next season which will allow for greater variety of shot choice as well as a far superior quality green surrounding.

Cottage Corner fairway bunker has also now been reshaped in the way we have done so on other fairway bunkers. This is to create a more naturalised look and merge the bunker from the fairway in the rough. Looking at the pictures below it is easy to see the improvement, even before they have had chance to establish and undergo routine mowing during the growing season.


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