Greenkeeping Update with Greg 2/10/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 2/10/2017

Many thanks to those of you that sent me your views on the proposed change to our list of courses. Although it seems the majority are in favour of the proposal, there are also some of you that like the 2 holes in the corner. Therefore I will hold a course walk/open forum to further discuss the proposed changes with you and to look at any other possible solutions. This will be on Thursday the 26th October at 6pm.

Work will start this week on the greens of the Morgan’s course. This will involve hollow coring, over seeding and top dressing. There will be some disruption on the spare 9 holes on Tuesday and Wednesday while the work is carried out and in the interest of safety, the green that the team will be working on will be out of play at that time. Please continue to the next tee if you are out on the spare 9 while work is in progress. Apologies for this, but it is essential that the work is carried out effectively to secure the best results.

So, for those of you wanting to discuss the proposal regarding the Millennium course, please take a note of the date of 26th October and the time of 6pm.

Have a good week and please feel free to chat with any of the team out on the course if you see us!


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