Greenkeeping Update With Greg 19/3/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 19/3/18

March has been a pretty disastrous month so far, but lets hope the worst of the winter is now behind us and that a better week ahead is a sign of things to come.

The team have been working hard to get all the winter work completed and despite great difficulty in finding the appropriate conditions to do so, we are now very close to completing all projects.

In that regard I’m actually quite pleased with what we have achieved this winter, in that many improvements have still been put in place to keep us moving forwards and towards our wider ambitions.

We are hoping that firstly ground conditions improve to reopen the courses, but also so that spring maintenance can be carried out setting the course up for another busy season.

Mowing to all areas will be the main priority to get the turf looking and performing more as we would expected for the time of year and bunkers that have been renovated this winter still need fresh sand adding and bedding down ready to be brought into play.

Deep tine aeration is also still to complete on the greens with only 11 completed before snow halted proceedings.

All areas of long rough require cutting and collecting prior to fresh growth beginning. This will help to continue with the thinning process that has been carried out for the last 2 years. Once this is completed we will then be in a better position to start spraying Clover in these areas in our attempt to reduce the impact it has on play.

Our immediate focus is completing the winter projects, but with a bit of luck normal service may resume sometime quite soon!!

Cheers for now,


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