Greenkeeping Update with Greg 18/9/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 18/9/2017

It’s been a challenging last week for us with well over 3 inches of rain falling in less than 7 days. We’ve been trying to get all the golfing rough finished off but with a combination of the weather and the fault with the machine, there are still a couple of holes left to cut.┬áThis should be completed this week though and we will be following on by treating both clover and the coarser grasses with selective herbicide and graminicide treatments respectively.

Hopefully the week ahead will be kinder and we can get a good dry cut on the tees, fairways and semi rough too which will keep things in good order. Another problem brought about with the wet conditions, is with worm casting. This is most prominent on the tees and fairways which is not only making mowing difficult but is also beginning to present issues with mud on the ball. We will keep an eye on the situation and if things don’t improve then we may be forced to bring in preferred lies early.

The ‘Rescue’ that has been applied to greens collars has begun to take effect with the ryegrass starting to die back. This will help to make a further improvement to these areas and will also reduce mowing frequency requirements next season, whilst still maintaining excellent surfaces. With some improved conditions we hope to apply ‘Rescue’ to tees for the same reason and in the coming months the tees will begin to see more attention as we take the improvements to the course to the next stage.

We hope you can still enjoy the course despite the weather and we hope to see you out there!


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