Greenkeeping Update with Greg 17/4/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 17/4/2017

The course condition is coming on nicely for the time of year with all areas getting better by the day. There are a few areas to report on this week.


Over the last week or so we have been grinding all cylinder mowers, getting them all as sharp as possible. This has certainly improved the quality of cut and as a result turf playing performance.
The fresh sand in the new bunkers is still a little soft and will need time to firm up through natural weathering. That said they are still perfectly playable, just not quite ‘perfect’ yet.
Some of the old bunkers are presenting small issues with matting coming up at the base and also the odd one lacking sand. We will do our best to address these as soon as possible.
All golfing rough has now been taken down for the start of the season. The rough will now be allowed to grow up to full height, providing the desired definition to the holes. Any areas that becoming thick and lush over time will be cut back as and when required, but we hope this will be fairly infrequent. Please do report any areas to us if you feel they need our attention.
The main problem on the course currently are with various weeds. Although unsightly, the weeds aren’t significantly affecting play. We shall begin to tackle them in the key areas, however with the sheer size of the course, it is unrealistic for us to be able to treat all areas.
Peter Fenton starts with us this week and we are delighted to have him with us, please do say hi if you see him.
Anthony Coulson is now only another week away from fully recovering from his broken ankle. With both Anthony and Peter soon to be with us, returning to a full team again will be hugely beneficial.
Have a good week and please get in touch with any questions you may have. Greg

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