Greenkeeping Update With Greg 16/4/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 16/4/18

Having been away on holiday for a week, the team have had to endure more difficult conditions with heavy rain and now the dreaded fog combining to close the course for the best part of last week.

We have been verti-draining greens and aprons with the deep spiker over the last couple of weeks to help with surface drainage and also to create space for new root growth. This routine task is one of the most beneficial in terms of improving and maintaining turf condition long term. Greens have been completed and once aprons are finished we’ll move onto the tees.

As winter has clung on, we still haven’t got the course prepared as we would expect to by this time of year. So instead we have continued with projects geared towards course improvement. Recently this has been with re-turfing areas of poor turf quality with high quality fescue turf. These areas will now be maintained as part of the greens approach, closely mown instead of the previous semi rough height. All of this work is being carried out to raise the overall standards of the course and it is nice to see that extra attention to detail.

I’m not going to tempt fate by suggesting that a good forecast looks like a change in fortune for us, so lets just wait and see and know that we’ll be busy enhancing the course in whatever way we can.

See you all soon.


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