Greenkeeping Update With Greg 14/5/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 14/5/18

Things are slowly returning to normal now as we work through the backlog of work brought about by the late start to spring. There are still a few things to sort out but on the whole the course is perfectly playable despite a number of areas still ground under repair (GUR).

While on the subject of GUR, I will just clarify a few areas of concern that have been brought to my attention.

  • All bunkers marked GUR, either indicated with a white line or sign, come under rule 25-1 ground under repair ‘Play Prohibited’. If there is a sign and no white line then anything below the defined edge is GUR.
  • All areas marked with a white line where damage to the turf has occurred, ie left of Davy’s green are ground under repair due to ‘Abnormal Ground Conditions’. In this case play is not prohibited but relief may be taken if the player feels there is interference with their lie, stance or swing.
  • All areas of newly planted gorse also come under 25-1 ‘Play Prohibited’. The gorse plants are staked trees but we have decided that the whole area is to be made GUR to protect the plantations and they will be either marked by a white line or stakes and ropes.
  • There are 2 areas also that have been repaired and new seed sown. These are on Dickens Dilemma and Cottage corner and rule 25-1 ground under repair ‘Play Prohibited’ applies here too. Both areas are indicated with stakes and rope.
  • Any faint white lines that may still be visible are NO LONGER GUR and should be disregarded as such. All areas of GUR are now CLEARLY marked.
  • Finally preferred lies are now also off. All the fairways have been mown to summer height, which is 13 mm and they are in good condition meaning there is now no need for preferred lies to remain.

Some of these areas will only be GUR temporarily as we continue to reinstate bunkers and repair damaged ground. Please be patient while we work through these jobs.

Another issue that may be interfering with golf is the irrigation system. Some of the valve boxes are leaking and there are a couple of small leaks around the course too. If one of these areas interferes with your shot then relief can be taken under the rule ‘Casual water’. WE have been able to get the system recommissioned but as usual there are a few teething issues that need addressing. We have done what we can and are now just awaiting for specialist technician to come and repair the other minor issues.

Having now fertilised the greens and applied wetting agent, the last task is to get them top dressed which we will be doing this week. You will have no doubt noticed that they have been a little slow recently, this is due to increased growth from the feed but also as we have not been able to mow as often or roll the greens because our time has been spent on the backlog of tasks. Top dressing will smooth out the surfaces and also add extra pace and once we have got this done, more regular mowing and rolling can commence.

Other than top dressing we will continue to clear the backlog of reinstating bunkers and other jobs just as fast as we can.

Happy golfing,



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