Greenkeeping Update with Greg 13/11/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 13/11/2017

Last week allowed us some drier weather and time to get on with landscaping work on and around Pennington’s tees.

With a good forecast for the week ahead, we took the opportunity to hire a dumper truck so that we can do the significant amount of earth moving required for this winters work program. Unfortunately, I arrived at work this morning to 21 mm of rain in the gauge from late yesterday and last night which wasn’t expected. This means we won’t be able to move much earth today but we hope things will improve and maybe get chance by Tuesday or Wednesday.

With that being the case, we have decided to work on the green side bunker on Cottage Corner. This bunker is to be re-positioned and reduced in size, with a small pot bunker being built in the same way that some were introduced at the beginning of this year. This will result in a more attractive bunker, with more influence on play which will be more maintenance friendly.

As we are now very much into winter conditions out on the course, can I please ask you all to help us protect it. Ropes are now up, winter tees are in use and restrictions are in place for buggies daily. Please abide by these restrictions as they are only there for a short period to maintain good conditions through the winter months.

Finally, we have also made a start on the redesign of Rawcliffe. We are currently looking at several options for the hole and preliminary drawings have been made. Our intention is to finalise this before the end of the year and once we have, you will all get to see the vision for the new hole on paper. This is very exciting and I can tell you that so far, some fantastic ideas have emerged!

Have a good week and hopefully catch some of you on the course.



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