Greenkeeping Update With Greg 12/6/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 12/6/18

Obviously a green-keeper’s main objective is to provide good quality turf for golf an in particular for putting.

There are many tasks that are carried out in order to produce smooth putting services. Ranging from top dressing, aeration through spiking, slitting, vertical draining etc as well as the more obvious things like mowing and rolling.

Some of you may or may not have heard of a stimp meter? This is a device used to measure green speed ie how fast the ball rolls on the green.
It’s easy to assume the faster the green the better but this is far from the truth, but firstly let’s see how it’s done.

We use the stimp meter for 3 reasons.

1. To assess the consistency across all greens.

2. To make sure they aren’t too slow.

3. To make sure they aren’t too fast.

The general rule of thumb is to maintain between 8 feet and 10 feet with higher speeds saved for competition play.
The biggest influence on how a golf course plays though, is mother nature, with conditions often different from one day to the next and we are always in her ‘mighty’ hands.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries or questions.

Thanks Greg

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