Greenkeeping Update With Greg 12/3/18

Greenkeeping Update With Greg 12/3/18

No sign of spring yet as the unsettled weather remains with us. 36 mm has already fallen in March onto saturated already ground, not only causing course closures but also preventing us from getting onto the course to carry out any work on most days.

When we have had the odd dry day we’ve managed to do some work to the right of Davy’s green, returfing the muddy area directly next to the green with sandy turf that won’t churn up in the same way. We’ve also revetted the bunker on the hole at the same time and returfing around that too. This will now allow for the turf to be cut short, enhancing its quality surrounding the green.

We have also planted more gorse in a variety of areas around the course. This is to break up some of the large open areas of grassland, while also creating good habitat for birds such as Linnet, Yellowhammer and Stonechat, all birds that are not as common as they were like many species that have declined in numbers in recent years.

We can only hope for a change in the weather and we will continue to do our best to prepare the course but it is now inevitable that we will be behind schedule but the small comfort we can take is that most courses are in a much worse position than us. With a couple of dry days we’ll be back open and with a dry week we’ll be able to get fairways, tees and aprons mown and get the definition back to the course.

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