Greenkeeping Update with Greg 10/7/2017

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 10/7/2017

Another damp week made it difficult for us to get a good clean cut on the course. Fairways and semi rough in particular can get a bit messy when mowing in the wet, but with growth currently very strong we don’t have the luxury of being able to wait for better conditions. Hopefully for the week ahead we will find a few dry days to get an improved cut and return more polish to the surfaces.

On the greens, the fungal disease Dollar Spot has remained with us despite our best efforts to help the turf fight off the infection naturally. Some extra nitrogen has been applied to encourage more growth in the hope that the infected areas would recover and increased aeration with the Procore to aid root stability had been the main attempts to reduce any damage to the turf. However, the disease has continued to develop and the weather has been ideal for increased fungal activity.



This led to us making the decision to use a fungicide to treat the outbreak. Using such chemicals is something that we rarely need to do now the turf is much healthier and such a decision is never taken lightly. It is very much a last resort but the treatment has at least been successful and the key now is to look to minimize the chance of infection again in the future.

With Captains Day this┬ácoming Saturday, we will focus a little more on the Morgan’s course this week. Some areas of golfing rough need tackling with the Wiedenmann and we hope to complete this work before┬áSaturday. Bunkers also need a little work with several beginning to become short of sand in places.

Other than that, the course is presenting and playing well with myself and all the team hoping that you are enjoying the fruits of our labor during the peak of the season.

Enjoy the week ahead,


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