Greenkeeping Update 7/1/2020

Greenkeeping Update 7/1/2020

Having all holes open again is a major plus to start the new year with and we hope you all enjoy a return to the varied layouts each day. Long may this continue!

Our main focus has been to try to find a permanent solution to the drainage problem between Redding’s Apron and Wetlands.

Flooding caused by blocked drain

Having installed a new drain on Redding’s fairway which has been moving an incredible amount of water, we thought that would have solved the issue, however it turned out to be a bigger issue than we first realised.

A large clay land drain, probably over a 100 years old, had become blocked with tree roots from the rather odd looking trees on the small hazard at Wetlands. This was causing major flooding in this area which was spilling onto Redding’s fairway.

Unable to repair such an old drain meant we had 2 options. Either replace the pipe by installing a new drain, or create an open ditch to move the water instaed.

We decided on the ditch for several reasons. Firstly this is a simpler option to carry out, it’s also a cheaper solution but most of all an open ditch is very easy to maintain which will make such an issue arising in the future easy to rectify.

With the drier weather we have been able to get round the course easier and as a result have carried out some aeration work on approaches whialt getting a couple of cuts on the greens.

We have been completing a few smaller outstanding tasks too that had previously been too wet to carry out, such as turfing on Snaith’s and Guibel.

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