Greenkeeping Update with Greg 7/3/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 7/3/17

After a difficult weekend where we suffered from torrential rain leading into Saturdays play, the forecast does look much better over the next few days.

Although there is some damage around tee boxes and ropes, this is only short term and will recover quickly. We are able to move tees and ropes around quite easily, spreading wear and tear and allowing any damage to recover.

This week we are continuing with preparations for the season with bunkers currently ground under repair being prepared for sand to be added next week. All refurbished bunkers will be reintroduced to play over the next 2-3 weeks.

Also this week I would like to introduce Tore Lundby Hansen to you all, as he began working with us yesterday. Please take time to say hello20170306_150110 when you see him and make him feel welcome. We are excited to have him with us and know he will add further expertise to our team.

While talking about staff, with the good news of Tore, comes bad news in regard to another member of our team. Anthony Coulson unfortunately broke his ankle on Saturday when taking part in a charity fund raiser. We will miss him while he is in recovery but wish him a straight forward and speedy return to full health.

Please do come to me with any questions you may have or I will happily take any emails if you would prefer to communicate that way at [email protected]

Happy golfing,


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